how to use a vpn android

how to use a vpn android
how to use a vpn android

how to use a vpn android – want to use a vpn to android but many readers are still asking how to use vpn for android, because of the things above, this time I will discuss how to use vpn on android.

use a vpn to android not lah as hard as we might imagine, it’s just that most of us do not understand it, so not knowing the basic procedures for the use of a vpn. therefore it would be better that you know in advance the understanding of vpn and vpn to the computer as well as on android. at the core of his internet vpn is a private, so that a user’s internet access can not be tracked by the service provider’s network or servers on the internet.

There are also asking what the difference a vpn to vpn with android for the iphone and the computer in this windows and some other internet devices, his answer is the same, no difference.

Despite the different os vpn functionality in each of the same device, i.e. Virtual Private Network which serves as a third-party internet service providers which promises a personal connection with a high level of security and comfort us on the internet.

then how do I use vpn for android??.
in the end how to use vpn on android is almost the same with how to use vpn on your computer/windows, i.e. by doing a manual vpn settings on the device we use a vpn or directly without a setting with the help of vpn or vpn software applications

specifically for android in general how to use vpn there are 3 i.e.

How to use vpn android in German this way-most rarely used, because a great many users do not understand how to do the settings of vpn android without the application.

as we know if in default os android already available vpn settings directly we can do vpn settings yourself without a third party, typically the vpn settings on android is located on the wireless network settings or & networks on android. because of this manual you are required to register and create an account first vpn from a third party.

After we already have a vpn account from a third party. then we can do by way of manual settings go to settings, then select in the menu the menu search wireless networks and vpn there, after that the contents of the server name and other settings in accordance with our vpn account.

the second and third way i.e. using either the official application application of vpn providers or third applications. that distinguishes how to use the second and the third way vpn is an application able to walk normally without being root, while the third way of using root.

the second way to use vpn for android without root-use vpn applications that are widely available in google play store, as we know many users do not understand how to use vpn android manually, because it is his way of coping is to use application vpn, because with our vpn applications without having to do the complicated arrangements. simply install and follow orders from the application.

widely available vpn applications without root available at play store, so I recommend that you choose your own vpn applications for android without the root, the advantage of using a vpn application which does not require root access for android is the security level of the device we are awake and we are without having to do a root on the android.

the third way is using a vpn for android or how to use vpn on the android application is to use android and android devices you must already in the root if you don’t understand the root can read some of the advantages and disadvantages of root android.

vpn application for android which requires hp android already in the root of this many in a hurry by users, because a lot of discussion on the internet about how free internet with mandatory use of vpn applications for smartphone is already in the root.

usually vpn applications that require root android phone only work or function when the hp android we use already in the root, because most access applications is not allowed in the android system is not yet in the root.

as we know the function of the root android is stop and remove the safety or security of the default android os. It’s no wonder when this application is installed on a hp android is not in the root, this app just becomes waste a.k.a. application all application uses vpn android doesn’t work.

OK maybe it’s just pernjelasan about how to use vpn for android, most readers surely still wondering if with a vpn can we free the internet answered her Yes, but not all vpn can make our internet access free of charge.

because most vpn only gives us a certain quota of free internet, free vpn in fact this occurred not from internet providers “vpn”, but we use internet card provider cannot detect we browsing around the internet when we use a particular vpn connection, therefore many free internet trick bertebar on the internet requires that you have a bit of a quota for connecting to vpn internet access in advance.

and you need to remember it vpn has no effect. to quicken the internet connection, but the connection speed/speed on the internet depends on the speed of the internet card we use, okay the article how to use vpn for android hopefully useful.